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Forrest Henderson

Forrest Henderson


Forrest Henderson has been tattooing as a licensed professional since October 2012. Since then he has studied and refined his craft over and over again. He believes that as an artist he should always be pushing his own boundaries and strive for a greater quality of work with every tattoo. He tries his best to only accept projects that truly inspire his heart and mind and because of this he attempts to give only the best of himself to his clients.

At this point in his career he is inspired by black and grey tattooing, focusing on heavy black and high contrast images. He enjoys tattooing mostly in the neotraditional or illustrative style, but is also adept in geometric patterns/mandalas, dotwork, realism, and sometimes black traditional. He personally believes artists should specialize in a style and explore all the subtleties, nuances and stylistic choices that truly define that type of art. He dreams to be a master of his trade someday and playing to his strengths is the best way to guarantee that he stays focused on his goals and create art worth wearing until death.

Last but not least, he believes that tattoos should be fun! The aspects of tattooing that he has always been concerned with are quality and originality. A tattoo can mean something deeply personal, but a tattoo can also be nothing more than a fun and exciting way to express yourself. He wants every tattoo to be stress free and enjoyable for everyone involved. He just likes making neat pictures and hanging out!