Most of the artist are appointment only, but if you call or happen to walk-in we try our best to accommodate you. You might even be lucky enough to have an artist have a last-minute cancelation.

Our shop minimum is $100 under an hour.

Our artist charge per hour, they are between $150-$200/hr depending on the artist you are interested in.

A consultation is strongly recommended. It is a lot easier to have you come in and have a face to face with the artist. This way he can hear your ideas and give you the best estimate possible.

We will tattoo no younger than 16. You will need to bring a valid ID, birth certificate and one of your parents or a legal guardian with proper documentation. Your parent will also be asked to show an ID. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Hustle Butter or Aquaphor for the first three days. Lubriderm lotion or any non-scented lotion for the remaining healing process. Antibacterial soap for cleaning. We will provide you with a step by step on how to care for your new tattoo after each appointment.

We do provide a free touch up only if something happened during the healing process and a touch up is needed to restore the tattoo the original design. We will not provide a free touch up if its due to natural aging of the tattoo.

Yes, we require a deposit for all scheduled appointments. We may ask for a deposit as well for day of walk ins to insure you'll be next in line.

No, we do not.