Deposit Policy
* Tattoo deposit CANNOT be transferred to another person.
* All deposits are for set date and specific tattoo discussed by the artist and the client.
* If changes to date need to be made, you must let the artist know within 72 hours of set appointment time.
* You’re allowed to reschedule your appointment a maximum of two (2) times before losing deposit.
* If you decide to change the tattoo idea from the original submission, you must let the artist know within 72 hours of appointment, at this point it is up to the artist to keep the set appointment or reschedule your appointment.
* No pre-design drawings will be sent out prior to your appointment. The design will be presented the day of your tattoo appointment. You may request an in-person consultation a week before your appointment to go over design ideas. This will only be to discuss ideas and not see the actual design.
* In the event of the tattoo design not being to your liking at the time of set appointment, if the changes can’t be made in a timely matter to still complete the tattoo that day, then the artist has the choice to now reschedule and move your deposit to another set date agreed upon.