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STEM Donation

Giovonni (Gabe’s son) was nominated by one of his teachers to get the wonderful opportunity to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Explore STEM program this summer. He was selected based on his academic potential and interest in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. This program will provide him with firsthand experiences in these fields. When he received his invitation in the mail he was filled with excitement to have the honor to be part of a great program.

Giovonni is a bright young man that devotes himself in maintaining excellent grades no matter how busy his schedule gets. He is involved in clubs like Mathletics, Chess, and Shakespeare and enjoys attending Chess tournaments every year. On top of brains, he’s also athletic playing sports like Cross Country for his school and competitive soccer for Skyline Soccer Association.

As parents we try everything we can to give our children the best opportunities possible. When it comes to paying high fees for these programs, we think of different ways to come up with the money. From selling candy bars, having bake sales, shoveling snow to the very common raffles. Little did we know that raffles are not legal and are considered gambling. As many of you may have heard Gabe was trying to do just that, a raffle to try and raise money to send his son to this summer program. We were quickly shut down by the City saying they received a phone call from someone letting them know we were holding this raffle and they needed to shut it down. After an overwhelming support that we got from everyone and all the different suggestions on how to raise the money we’ve decided to change things up.

Gabe and the rest of the artist at Love N Hate have decided to donate their time and give back to help Giovonni and possibly other kids raise money to attend this program. Each artist will contribute either a full day session or a predrawing tattoo of their choice. This giveaway will have NO COST and donations will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to enter this giveaway go to our Facebook page for official rules. Entry will start Friday February 8th at noon and end February 10th at 6pm. If you are not interested in entering the giveaway but would like to donate, click here and it will direct you to our PayPal donation page.

We would like to thank everyone for all your support in this matter. Together we can help our future youth be the best they can and not let simple things like negativity or money stand in the way of their future.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event

As we come to the end of the month of October, we would like to thank everyone that helped out in this event. To the wonderful ladies that came in to have a beautiful piece done by one of our amazing artists and to friends and family that received one of our flash tattoos to show their support for the cause. Thank you to our artist that donated their time to give back to our clients.

The pressure was on for our artists to design art pieces for these ladies that have gone through so much. Coming up with the perfect design was not easy but these artists stepped up to the challenge. Each one of them were able to hear the clients experience throughout the whole process which made the piece that much more special. They all may have had different struggles but it was great to see they were all here, together with the same purpose and that was to get that final puzzle piece.

It takes a few minutes to do a self exam once a month, early detection is important for the best outcome. You do not have to have a family history of breast cancer but know that your odds nearly double if you do have a first-degree relative that was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although women are more likely to get breast cancer this doesn’t mean men cannot, so be sure to also do a  self exam! Many insurance companies cover a yearly mammogram, but in the case they do not there are many programs out there that help you obtain a mammogram at low cost or free. We have decided to donate all proceeds we made from the event this year to the “Women’s Mobile Clinic” which offer programs that help you get a mammogram.

Thanks again to everyone that was involved with this event. We hope to be able to do this every year and help more women cover up their scars or simply get a realistic nipples done. If you know anyone that would love to have these services done send them our way for a spot next year. Those of you that didn’t get to come in this year for our flash tattoos or the cover-ups keep an eye out for our event next year. Follow us on our social media to keep up with all our events through Facebook and Instagram.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Love N Hate would love to give back! Gabe lost his mother 15 years ago due to this terrible disease therefore this cause means a lot to him.  We are looking for ladies and gentlemen that have gone through a mastectomy and reconstruction and are looking to close that chapter in their lives. Whether you are looking to cover up the scars or have realistic nipples done, we would like to offer that service to you free of charge.

We will be having a full day of the artist giving back on Sunday October 7, 2018 at 10am, spots are limited. If you or anyone you know are looking to get in please contact us at 303-936-3353 or email us at scheduling@lnhtattoostudio.com or fill out the appointment request form red tab located at the top right corner of the page. Destiny will be going through everyone’s submissions to schedule you in with the artist that best fits your ideas. Please help us spread the word and contact us immediately as spots are limited.

For the families and friends that would like to get something to support the cause, we haven’t forgotten about you. We will have a couple of artist that will be offering small flash tattoos that day as well. These tattoos will be first come first serve for $30 each and all proceeds will go to a local charity. Thank you all and we look forward to helping out and hearing your story.


Tebow Time Tattoo

As many of us have waited patiently, football season is finally here! We begin a new year with new fantasy football leagues, hoping that our home team wins the super bowl or simply crossing our fingers that our team does better this year. We start having those erratic bets with our friend and family over the games, like the “Tebow Time Tattoo” bet that was done by our very own Josh Lucero. Little did Josh and Juan Contreras the now owner of this lovely tattoo, would ever imagine how this silly tattoo would become the talk all over the internet that year.

We will be interviewing Josh and Juan on their story. We will get the full scoop on how this all started, what the bet was about, how did Josh come up with this design and what happened after it all blew up on the internet. Keep your eye out for this interview, with these two together we could expect a hilarious and fun time.